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technologie-vyrobyProduction technology

  • We have technically advanced injection moulding machines by Engel and Sumitomo Demag; we use 50 - 650 ton machines for single injection and 200 - 650 tone machines for double injection.
  • We use the process of compression injection to make precision parts.
  • Parts are handled using robots and many products are inspected by a camera system directly in the production process.
  • Assembly takes place immediately at moulding machines or at separate assembly stations.


Injection moulds and their maintenance

  • We have moulds produced by our subcontract toolmakers.
  • We have our own well-equipped tool shop for periodic tool maintenance and repairs.


Measurement and inspection

  • We carry out 3D measurement.
  • We conduct optical measurement using a Keyence microscope.
  • We conduct optical measurement using a 2D Keyence scanner.
  • We use special jigs and gauges.


Logistics flows and storage

  • For managing customer orders and internal supplies we use ERP systems.
  • We use efficient information systems to manage production planning and stock levels.
  • We can design and develop custom-made packaging.
  • We are able to provide JIT supplies.